Sustainable Development: Is It The Best Answer For The Future?

So this morning, I and my friend came to a seminar from MTI (Keluarga Mahasiswa Teknik Industri). The topic is about Sustainable Development. At the first time I heard that topic, I didn’t feel attracted. But when I saw the speakers, I thought the seminar will be interesting! So we decided to buy the tickets, and another reason why we attended this seminar is because we have nothing to do in this holiday, then the seminar–at least will make us more productive in this gabut day.

They- the CPs told us to come at 8.00am but, you know, that in Sunday morning we as Bandung resident always trapped in traffic jam at Gasibu. Yeah, and we came late.

The consequences is we didn’t allowed to enter the Aula Barat (place where the seminar held) to listen the 1st speakers. Then, after the 1st speakers finished give his speech, we allowed to come in.

We sat behind guys from Vietnam. Hmm…We realized that participants of the seminar not only Indonesian, but also from another country like Vietnam and Singapore. Wow, it’ll be great, I thought. Then my mayor came~~

2nd speaker: The Mayor of Bandung; M Ridwan Kamil S.T.M.UD.
Mr.Ridwan Kamil told us that in era colonial, Bandung was loved by people because it’s good wheather. In that time–until now, people from Jakarta often came to Bandung to go shopping and that’s the reason why Bandung called Paris Van Java. Bandung just like Singapore. It has no natural energy sources, but Bandung has 2.6 million people. Most of them are below 40 age, and Bandung also has 55 (is that rite? I didn’t hear clearly) university. So, Bandung will have income from it’s creative, young, and educated people.

As a mayor, he will build Bandung with sustainable development. There are three pillars to make a sustainable development for Bandung; people, ecology, and economy. Those three things must be balanced in any place at Bandung. This former lecturer of Architecture ITB said that Bandung is a city that has larger economic growth than another cities in Indonesia. But it’ll be meaningless if it’s people live without happiness and work under pressure. He told us many times, I’ll make Bandung become liveable and lovable city.

He has been a mayor for three months, and as you see, Bandung now is very different than before. Flowers everywhere, park everywhere, and garbage become much more than before. Bandung now has Bandros, a unique bus for tourists, bus school (free), some wifi in parks, Masjid ( I don’t want to say mosque), and any other places. Last week, Jomblo Park was launched. Last night, there was a Braga Culinary Night that will be held every once a month. Mr Ridwan Kamil always having dinner with poor family every week. And he also allowing his residence to be a wedding place for couple that have no money to held a wedding’s ceremony. And I was like ohmygod my mayor is soooooooo cool. He’s so down to earth!!!! Then he said, I hope those things will enhance index of happiness Bandung’s people. All the seminar’s participant gave him applause with smile in their face.

In conclusion, Mr.Ridwan Kamil not only made economy as priority of Bandung’s development, but he also balancing between economy, people’s happiness, and ecology.

3rd speaker: Putri Silalahi (Coca Cola Amatil)

Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia is a big company. All their products are everywhere. When you go to mall, to hypermart, even in a traditional market, you can find them. The key of their succeed is PT CCAI integrate sustainability and environment responsibility. There are 4 pillars to make this business activity sustain; marketplace, environment, workplace, and community.  Marketplace means they committed to provide high quality products that meets the beverage needs of consumers. PT CCAI has many drinking products; milk, energy, soft drinks, juice, and mineral water. You can choose one of our product that you need,she said. She also told us not to drink their product without knowing what we really need. All their products also has no calories. PT CCAI was launched a new product last year, and will always try to make some innovative.

The second one is environment. Their principle is zero waste, and they don’t want to ‘throw’ their waste back to the people. Bottles of their product are PET bottles which is the easiest kind of plastic bottle to be unraveled. They also produce a cooler that has electricity a half smaller than electricity at usual fridge. Their cooler using the latest technology , and of course much more environmentally friendly. It’s great, isn’t it? Mrs. Putri Silalahi, showed us a video of an advertisement of Coca Cola at Mexico. At the video, they-people there, drink a coca cola at a unique bottle. Made from ice. So that after you finished drink coca cola, you can also eat your bottle! how amazing! Soon, Indonesia will has coca cola bottles like that, she smiled.

The third is workplace. They believe that workplace must be a place of exploration, creativity, and professional growth. A place where people can be inspired and motivated to achieve extraordinary result. And the last is community. They made relationship with communities that directly touch their manufacturing borders.For example, they don’t throw their lees of tea when producing frestea. But they change it into compos. They allowed people to see, or even to plant. They also believe that strong communities make strong business.

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