Relationship Between Butterflies&Passion

There are butterflies.
Beautiful butterflies.
They are flyin’ in my stomach.
Fly and fly.
Then they comes to my chest.
Some tickles my heart.
Some fly through my arms, my fingers, my legs, my head.
I don’t know how to stop them.
Suddenly one of those butterflies stays in my right ear.
“this….is….love…..” he speaks so slowly that I almost can’t hear it.

At the end, all the butterflies are giggling.

15/01/2014 19:56

those things always happen when i sit behind my laptop with many things in my head and feel like want to writing it passionately.

I just found them! My passion!((((yeah, I don’t write things in better ways but all i need is love when doing that. Not the result.))))


nih sumber gambar nya


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