Religious Isn’t A State of Mind; an answer to Jennie’s article at NYPost

    In Jennie’s article entitled “Religion Is Sweet Poison, Heaven Is a State of Mind”, she explained that religion is such a sweet poison and the real heaven isn’t there because heaven is only in our mind. Religion called sweet since there are so many advantages it can give to its believer. For example, when someone feels so down that nobody can heal his broken heart, religion is the one who will help him by giving peace of mind and heart. Moreover, many people believe that when they joining a religion, they will be safe while living now and the days after they die. In the other hand, Jennie stated that religion is just like an alcohol which otherwise can overwork our liver so much that we can collapse and die. She said, the proof that religion is a deadly poison is when someone who called themselves religious start hurting and killing each other in order that they will reach heaven. I disagree with her opinion.

                The first reason why I totally disagree with Jennie’s opinion is because I believe that religion is a package which Our Creator gives to us so we can go through our life easily and safety. Take a look to an example! When we’re child, we didn’t know anything. But step by step our family showed us how to use something, how to run, how to count, etc. Without knowledge or clues from them, may be until now we wouldn’t live properly. Just like us as creatures, we came to this world without knowing everything. But then God as a Creator gave us clues. The clue is religion including its holy book, prophet, and its system which can show us the best way to live happily ever after. The other proof is knowledge nowadays shows us much regularity in this world, in our body, space, even in a cell. It is evidence that there must be something who creates those regularity things. That ‘something’ is Our God, Our Creator. Of course The Creator is the One who knows all the things He creates. Human is one of His creatures. He knows us well more than we know our selves. So, we must believe in religion that is given from God.

                Then, Jennie also told us that religion is a poison. I think it is impossible if God creates us to make us suffering. So, all the things He gives to us must be very beneficial. In that article, someone religious often do violence to others. That’s why religion is poisonous. In my opinion, what the religious man do, in this case is violence, not based on their holy book, it because of their lust or their stupidity in interpreting the holy book. Someone might be called religious by people but God may be called them not. Just because they always using their holy attributes doesn’t mean they are a good believer. We can’t judge people by their looks. Let’s go back to the history of Rasulullah SAW who is guaranteed as a religious man. He brought peace everywhere and built a good relationship with others even they’re not a Muslim. He also never does violence to other. In a famous book, “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History” by Michael Hart, Rasulullah SAW is the most influential person in History. He said My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels. Isn’t it clear why you shouldn’t call religion is a deadly poison?

                Jennie also told us that heaven is a state of mind. It is never exist but in our mind. I don’t think so. If heaven and hell is never exist, then where is justice? We all know that it is hard to find justice in this cruel world. Take a look to an example! So many Palestinian woman and children killed by Israel’s army during war. It wouldn’t be fair if there is no heaven or hell. Some people living this life with full of suffering and another people living this life arbitrarily, then hell or heaven is thing that can make everything fair again.

                In conclusion, I believe that religion is guidance for us as a creature from Our Creator in order that we can through this life safety. Nobody can guarantee our welfare except God. We may live happy now, but who knows that someday there will be Judgment Day. Even if someday it won’t happen, there will be no regretful to those who follow God’s guidance because religion give them peacefulness.

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