What did world do to my lil sister?

Nowadays, world becoming cruel-er. Sorry, I mean, it’s not world, but people-who-control-the-world. They’re the media. Media is having a very (or the most?) important rule to change the world.

They did, and doing bad.

I realized it when I see my lil sister who loves watching FTV since she was 4, is unlike us(the 90’s kids). Her hobby is watching TV. She likes watching drama, sinetron, and she also loves some stupid cartoon. Ah, she is a biggest fan of Coboy Junior. Sometimes she cries because she want to call Iqbal and then my parents pretending that they’re calling him when actually my dad called my mum. My mum pretending that she is Iqbal’s manager. I can’t help laughing, but it happened many times that I getting bored seeing them acting like that-almost everyday. Fortunately, my sister believed that dad called Iqbal’s manager, so she is smiling all the time after called ‘iqbal’s manager’. Omaygad. She’s still 5, fyi.

Funny but sad, actually.

One day in the morning, she woke up with smile in her face. She told me that she was dreaming about someone. Who? I asked her and I was sure it’s about Iqbal. But no. She said she was dreaming about one of her classmate named Ridwan. Hey?What on earth…. Before I asked her how was her dreaming, she told me that in her dream, she is shopping with mum at Yogya, buy some clothes. Then she hit someone. He is Ridwan. They’re looking at each other. Oh man! it’s soooo much like some fusty episode at FTVs. At last she admitted that Ridwan is her crush. I felt so shocked, mum too. I as a 20th girl, never admit to mum when I had a crush on someone. And my lil sister did, when she was 5.

Then I told her that she is still young. Love is only for adult. But she don’t care. After that day, she always tell us stories about her and Ridwan at school. I love Ridwan. And Ridwan loves me too. My friend, Syifa, loves Azzam. Azzam loves her too. Uhm, but sometimes I love Azzam too. Eh, you know? I think Alif likes me. He always wanted to play with me.  I……have no idea what the hell some FTV gave to my lil sister. 

I believe it’s not her fault. It’s our fault who letting her watches TV everyday. And media is poison. Don’t you dare believe in it.


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