Mum <3

This day I and some HMO friends went to a Panti Jompo at Lengkong. It’s name is Budi Istri. This is the very 1st time for me to visit panti jompo. A lil bit nervous, because I never interacted with grandmas since 2003 (both my grandma were died) and have no idea what to talk about with…emm adult people. Ah! This ‘grandmas’ word means nenek-nenek but not my real grand mother.

At the first time we entered the Panti, stupid thing happened. I and two of my friends sat with 8 grandma. It was like ‘krik krik krik’ and we three only lookin at each other, didn’t know what to say. Grandmas lookin so happy but they keep silent glancing at us. Their eyes like ‘come, come, sit beside me, i’ll tell you stories of my life’. Ah, I almost forget to tell you that all grandmas were wearing the same pink clothes, and some of them wearing make up. They did it only for us, to welcoming us. Aaaa it made us feel so special.:’3

Then, I tried to be relax. I stand up, walked for 3 steps, and murmured ‘may I have a talk with you?‘ I glanced to some grandma. ‘Aaaaa sure! come! sit here!‘ They was so happy, I sat between two grandma with 3 grandma in front of our seat. I remembered what Kak Fuad (as kadiv pengmas) ordered to us; to ask about their young live, and the reasons why they’re here. So, here are my conclusion after talking with em:

1. The reason why they decided to live at panti jompo due to they felt uncomfortable at their house. They felt alone, their child is success but too busy to take care of their mum. Grandmas also worried if sometimes bad things happen to them when they’re alone at their house, e.g: sick, fall down, or villain. But, one of them-the-oldest-grandmas is there because she was expelled from her house by her grandson ūüė¶

2. They’re smart, funny, and up to date. They knew about Sinabung Mt. which had eruption. One of them teach us how to speak in Belanda. One of them loves poem; she has some poem’s album and she likes to read it for us (it can makin us cryin). One of them is so up to date that she always asked us to taking some pic of her with ‘gaul’ poses like ‘peace’ ‘metal’ etc. Can’t help laughing!

3. Panti Jompo is place that made them feel happier than when they’re in their house. The reasons are because they didn’t feel alone anymore, they can shared all the things they wanted to tell to their (old) friends (they said that young people won’t understand them even their child or their grandchild).

4. Their son/daughter always visit them once a month. But I asked,¬†don’t you miss them by living without them anymore?¬†She nodded and smile. I wonder why¬†every time¬†my son visit me, he always alone without his child or wife. I also miss them all.¬†¬†Aa hiks hiks.

5. Grandmas happy with their son’s¬†successful. They never told me that they hate their child’s attitude which ignoring their mum.¬†Believe me, I wanted to live here not because of my child. But it’s my willingness. They’re so kind that always visit me even only once a month–emh no,sometimes once two month.¬†Omg. Mom’s love is never ending even how much¬†evil their child’s attitude to them. (?)

6. Everytime I sat beside one of grandmas, they held my hand, treat me like I am their grandchild. They loves shared everthing about their young life. One of them told me stories when she was at colonialism era by Japan. Once she stops, I look at her eyes with excitement and tell her ‘tell me again everything!!’¬†It feels like I am a spongebob in one of his episode when he indulged to his grandmom. Oooo this makin me miss my real grand ma :/

At 12.00 pm, we had to go back. Time to say goodbye with grandmas. They look so sad and¬†disappointed. Why don’t you all stay here till evening? Said them.

This Panti Jompo really gave me some lessons; the most important thing for our parent is not only our successful but also our affection and love to them; always being there for them in their old time.

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