What They Don’t Tell You About Writing

Life Is Fiction

Who are they?  

They can be anyone – commencement speakers, mentors, authors at writing conferences, motivational coaches, life experts.  They help inspire us.  They tell us what we can do with our lives, with our writing.  Their words are sweet and move us to action.  They tell us that anybody can be a writer, that anybody can learn, that everybody has a story to tell.  They tell us that the craft can be learned and that if we try, really try, put in the effort day in and day out and struggle through, then we, too, can be great storytellers, bestselling novelists, award-winning authors. 

But they don’t always tell us that for as many ups as we have, we’ll have ten times as many downs.  And if they do mention it, we don’t listen.  We don’t always understand that we’ll struggle, that we’ll fail, that we’ll come to a…

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