Intimidated By Own Mind (fiction)

I couldnt sleep.

My room’s lamp was too bright for my eyes. So that I turned it off after brushed my teeth and washed my face. Ready to sleep then. I always let my sister sleep in my room due to some reasons. But now she’s already sleep. Then I met my bed, I tried to close my eyes.

But I still couldn’t sleep even I already count the sheep until the 97453627th. Is it what they called by Insomnia? Suddenly I heard someone outside yelled “SAAAATEEEE” for so many times. Spontaneously, I sat at my bed and opened the window to see who is he–even I actually know that he must be a sate seller.

OMG. Shit happened in my head. I just remembered one of indonesian horror story about a sate seller who turned into ghost. Sh*t, how can I remember that in situation like this? Some horror story that I watched from films like play in my head. The conjuring, paranormal activity, even the ‘alay’ indonesian horror film still stuck in my mind. I tried to relax and thinking about another thing like “what gonna happen in school tomorrow? and how will my holiday be?” so that that stupid horror films can get out of my mind. I closed the window, trying to sleep again.

I turned my body to right. Then left. Ah, I’m done about counting sheep! Then I opened my eyes. The sate seller was standing beside my bed still yelling “sate” with his bloody face.

and I screamed out loud till my sister woke up.

She turned on the light and flop!

The sate seller wasnt there anymore.


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