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Sedih juga masih berkutat dengan kemalasan yang semakin melembam. Saat dunia oseanografi tingkat tiga sedang mengerjakan laporan-laporannya, ini masih melakukan hal yang berkebalikan. Saat mereka jam tidurnya kembali berkurang, ini masih tidur dengan jam tidur anak-anak.

Semoga besok malas ini berkurang dan mood membaik dan terpenting; minimal beres satu lah laporan.

Bye! God bwit ya!


Bandung terimakasih banyak untuk hari ini! Kirain bakal macet dimana-mana, dan udah nyiapin mental untuk jalan sampe rumah, tapi ternyata semuanya lancaaaaaaar. Terima kasih juga untuk HUT di Dago nya karena entah kenapa cukup membuat sedikit senang meski akhirnya tidak jadi jalan bersama teman.

Semoga Bandung makin pinter dan kreatif! <3<3<3


Mainstream banget gak sih orang yang sedang ingin merubah dirinya agar mendapatkan pendamping yang juga ‘baik’ sepertinya. Ide ini ditulis karena pas liat home ask fm penuuuuh dengan pertanyaan ‘akhwat ikhwan’ yang pada saling memperbaiki diri segala macem demi masa depan biar dapet istri/suami yang kebaikannya sebanding dengan dirinya.

Hati-hati aja dengan niat. Apakah pantas kita mengubah diri kita dengan niatan yang mungkin cukup egois; mendapat pasangan yang baik. Bukankah katamu tiap sholat (buat yang solat): ‘sholatku ibadahku hidupku dan matiku hanya untuk Allah SWT’.

Begitulan unek-unek hari ini. Intinya adalah bersihkan niat. Sealim-alimnya orang kalau sholehnya bukan karena Allah mah yaaaaa buat apa juga sih.

fyi aku nulis ini sebagai curhatan suatu hal ideal dikepalaku, bukan berarti aku juga orang yang niatnya udah bersih. Malahan jauh dari bersih.

ditulis saat semua orang ngerjain tugas dan aku masih nol besar.


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Pelajaran pertama untuk hari ini:

Nanti kalau jadi orang penting aku ga mau jadi orang yang seenaknya dan nyusahin.

Oseanografer wanna be

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Kalau dilihat-lihat, kebanyakan gambaran Naira berbau laut dan kapal-kapal an.

Mungkin dia juga ingin jadi oseanografer di masa depan………………………………………..

y no me so wel

…you feel energetic in some situations and exhausted in others?

  • …you sometimes find it difficult to convince your boss, colleague, or client?
  • …you seem to have an unsettling “dark side” that only comes out in rare circumstances?
  • …your dreams and idealism are so often misunderstood?
  • …you often contemplate whether you are being true to yourself?
  • …you find it easier to talk to some people, but not to others?
  • …you often feel lost when it comes to attracting fulfilling relationships or simply taking the first step?
  • …you are not quite sure how to reach your full potential in a world that sometimes seems so foreign to you?
  • …your friends sometimes say you are special and mysterious?
  • …you have difficulties studying certain subjects?

Jika Menjadi Wanita Karir

When it comes to careers, ISFP personalities need more than a job. They need a creative outlet, a way to express their artistic talents and put their imagination to good use. ISFPs cherish their freedom and resist any attempts to force them into restrictive, predictable roles that many other types praise as stable and secure. People with the ISFP personality type do not care much about stability or security; they want to be valued for who they truly are.

ISFPs enjoy experimenting and trying out new things; this is the main reason they are often called trendsetters. Not surprisingly, their roles need to be flexible enough to allow for some improvisation. Also, ISFP personalities are extremely artistic, independent thinkers that can only shine in careers that are able to give them plenty of freedom. It is difficult to imagine an ISFP being happy in a cubicle, doing administrative work from 9 to 5. They are free souls and do not do well in a strictly structured environment.

Furthermore, ISFP personalities tend to be very competitive and excel in areas that require good use of all five senses—e.g., sports, design, art, etc. They dislike long-term planning and prefer to live in the present, believing that is what matters most. This does not mean that ISFPs are reckless or shortsighted; this is simply because ISFPs are more interested in practical things, in things they can see and touch. People with this personality type do not see a point in worrying about something that they have little control over anyway.

All these traits make ISFPs excellent artists (in any field—e.g., music, photography, painting, etc.), athletes, consultants, psychologists, linguistics, therapists, freelancers (again—there are many good fields, ranging from medicine to event planning), teachers, or tour guides. This is not an exhaustive list of ideal jobs by any means as there are many career paths that can utilize the ISFP traits very well.


……………………….hmmmmmmm nggak ose banget sih ya ga sih…………

Jika Aku Menjadi Orang Tua


ISFPs are likely to be practical, warm, and relaxed parents. They will know how to take care of their children’s daily needs, making sure that they have plenty of exciting things to do and learn every day. In contrast, long-term planning (such as saving for their kids’ studies) is not something that ISFPs enjoy; they will likely rely on their partner in such situations.

ISFP parents tend to be well grounded and spontaneous at the same time. They prefer giving their children plenty of freedom. According to ISFPs, only by allowing children to explore and experience new things can parents ensure that they grow up as open-minded, well-balanced individuals. There are limits, of course, but in general, ISFPs are likely to be one of the most relaxed types when it comes to parenting.

Despite refusing to intervene in their children’s lives too much, ISFPs enjoy spending time with them. People with this personality type love fun, practical activities, and it is very likely that they will encourage their children to take up some hobbies as well. For instance, an ISFP parent may suggest going on a trip together or embarking on a fun home improvement project.

Regardless of the above traits, ISFPs tend to be private and sensitive individuals, and parenthood does not necessarily change that. They need to know that their work and efforts are being appreciated, especially by people closest to them. ISFP parents are likely to get deeply hurt if their parenting skills or lifestyle are criticized. Not surprisingly, their children’s adolescence can be an extremely challenging time for an ISFP. It is very important that ISFPs learn how to control their emotions and not overreact when something goes wrong.

That being said, ISFP personalities are likely to be very warm and caring parents, both willing and perfectly able to engage with their children and have fun together.