ISFP Friends

ISFP friends tend to be laid-back and spontaneous, enjoying life in the present and not worrying much about long-term plans or serious debates. Not surprisingly, people with this personality type tend to be attracted to, and attract friends who are more interested in casual, fun activities or hobbies rather than intellectual pursuits. It is also unlikely that ISFPs will form strong friendships with people who prefer structured, safe environments—they need to have a lot of freedom and personal space.

It is also important to remember that despite their casual and laid-back lifestyle, ISFP personalities are still Introverted. Even though they know how to relax among their friends, ISFPs are likely to be very private or even shy when meeting someone new. This is their natural protective mechanism; people with this personality type are very sensitive and may be reluctant to open up at first. ISFPs tend to take some things very personally, e.g., if their behavior or habits are being criticized by their friends. Consequently, they do their best to shield that sensitive, emotional core of their personality from people they do not fully trust.

ISFPs are likely to be warm, supportive, and easy-going friends. They appreciate people for who they are and can get along with almost anybody, as long as the other person is not too judgmental or demanding. However, ISFPs need to know that their friends are willing to return the favor by supporting rather than criticizing them. ISFP personalities do not like being constrained by rules, traditions, or expectations and cannot stand people lecturing them on how they should live their lives.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that ISFPs believe in actions, not words. They are firmly rooted in reality and are more interested in what is rather than what couldshould orwill be. This is the primary reason why ISFPs gravitate toward other Observant (S) personalities rather than the Intuitive (N) types; the latter are often too philosophical or dreamy for strongly practical ISFPs.



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